Kampot, Cambodia. Another lovely sunset

Stolen Phone in Cambodia

Kampot, Cambodia is a sleepy town along a picturesque river. The laid back vibe is keeping us here for almost a week. It’s so safe that nobody cares to lock up their bicycles.


Kampot, Cambodia. Another lovely sunset

At the bustling market, I was elated to find a delicious food stand with a smiling lady serving up vegetarian food. We sat on stools and munched while trying to communicate with her and observing our surroundings. So much was going on. It was one of the most interesting markets we’ve visited.

We paid our dollar and change, thanked her, and navigated the maze out to our bikes only for me to realize my phone is missing. I ran back inside past the jewelers and animal parts. Made a right where the coconuts were being sold and got confused and nervous. A right toward the hat selling stand or was it toward the umbrella lady? Eventually, I reached the stand only to find an empty seat. She didn’t see it. I’m sure someone took it while I was eating because I set it down next to me after I took a photo of her stand.

I was sad and angry with myself for being spacey. The last two weeks of travel weren’t backed up and I lost my driver’s license, but thankfully that’s it. This is the only negative incident we’ve experienced in all of our travels and yes, bad things are likely to happen. My incident is a first world problem. It could be worse. I’m grateful I’m not typing this from a hospital bed. We’re safe, alive, healthy, and happy. 

Let this be a reminder: Back up photos and be mindful of your belongings, even in a safe town!

I easily got a new phone at one of the many second hand shops for a mere $85. While playing around with some phones, it was obvious they were stolen. Mine is probably sitting on display now somewhere.

Kampot, Cambodia

First photo taken from phone shop

Adam gave me his SD card for the new phone and we discovered pictures from tubing in Laos, a lovely day! Happy to come across this. Positive things can come from the negative.


Adam and Lianne tubing in Vang Vieng

2 thoughts on “Stolen Phone in Cambodia

  1. Anna V says:

    So sorry you lost your phone! That can be so frustrating, losing important belongings. But how great that it’s the only seriously negative thing that’s happened so far on your trip. Here’s hoping it’s also the last. 🙂

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