If opportunity doesn't knock,build a

Gwangju, Korea has a vibrant community. It was easy for me to get involved in organizations and meet like-minded positive people. During my time in Korea, I learned that if something doesn’t exist, then create it. After all, most things around us were designed and created by somewhere somehow. Why couldn’t I be that person? 

Korean Adoptee Spotlight

Korean Adoptee Spotlight

Korean Adoptee Spotlight is a community to bridge Korean adoptees together as well as with the greater community. Adoptees can share their voices through mediums such as art, stories, and videos. KAS also features interviews with adoptees around the world. Everyone has a story.

'CAUSE Banana Bread. Baking homemade banana bread for local causes. 'CAUSE why not?

Baking homemade banana bread for Gwangju (and all around Korea!). Customers choose how much they want to pay with 10% of revenue going to a local cause of choice. I have also had bake sales at events to raise money for those causes such as theater projects and an initiative to give every orphan a Christmas gift. ‘CAUSE why not?

Many of my friends were departing Korea with an apartment full of things. They needed to get rid of things quickly, but didn’t have enough time to scramble and sell. So, I decided to start Gwangju Freecycle for them to be able to give their things away for free to people within the community. The purposes of Gwangju Freecycle are 1) to reduce waste through reuse and 2) promote a gifting community. In conjunction with the Gwangju International Center, I have organized three successful Swap, Don’t Shop! events. The international community came together and thousands of items were donated and exchanged at the day-long event.

Most people notice the litter problem in Korea, but there as not much action as there is talk. Adam and I decided to stop complaining and start doing by picking up trash around our neighborhood. We wanted others to participate in this initiative, so Adam designed a website and we maintain groups to encourage people to clean up for 10 minutes and share a photo using the tag, #CleanGwangju, to contribute to the digital landfill, showcasing all of the garbage that no longer lines our streets. Clean-up events are in the works.
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I love me some jjimjilbangs and Korean saunas, but they can be hard to come by, especially when traveling and in need of a place to stay. And not all saunas, however, are created equal. This is simply a collective map so people can add their favorite sauna and write a review about it. No more risking an uncomfortable night! Please, add to it.

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