Travel Timeline

I wanted to keep a record of where I’ve been and when. Perhaps readers may be interested if you’d like to ask me for some travel advice. Hope this list keeps getting longer 🙂


June-July 2010: Thailand

July-August 2010: Korea

June-August 2011: USA National Parks Road Trip (Florida – Alabama – Lousiana – Texas – New Mexico – Arizona – Utah – Nevada – California – Oregon – Idaho – Wyoming – Colorado – Kansas – Missouri – Tennessee – Arkansas – Mississippi – Florida)

May-June 2012: Korea (InKAS Summer Camp, reunited with birth family)

August 2012: Moved to Gwangju, South Korea

January 2013: Philippines (Mindanao)

August 2013: Mongolia

January 2014: China (Guangzhou), Indonesia (Java, Bali)

August 2014: Japan

January 2015: Philippines (Palawan), Malaysia (Sabah, Borneo)

February 2015: Taiwan

August 2015: Left South Korea!!

September 2015: India (Southern and Central)

October 2015: Northern Thailand

November 2015: Laos

November-December 2015: Vietnam

December 2015-January 2016: Cambodia

January 2016: Southern Thailand

February 2016: Malaysia (Vipassana meditation course), Singapore

March 2016: Thailand, USA (Chicago, Georgia, New Jersey)

April 2016: Home in New Jersey

May-August 2016: Japan (Nagoya, Tokyo [English teaching jobs])

August 2016-August 2017: Australia (Working holiday year, camping road trip, housesitting, HelpX)

August-September 2017: Bali

September 2017: Korea

September-December 2017: Japan (Teaching in Tokyo)

February 2018: Moved to Zambia! Chongwe for training

May 2018: Moved to Mungwi, Northern province, Zambia. Lots of exploring within the beautiful country of Zambia!

July 2019: Malawi

March 2020 – ?????: Evacuated from Zambia due to COVID-19. In New Jersey, a place so foreign to me.