Learning a Zambian Local Language: Bemba

Peace Corps volunteers are required to speak the local language of the community and conduct work in that language. Some posts have a language requirement, such as Spanish or French, but Zambia did not. Even though English is the official language of Zambia, over 70 local languages are spoken throughout the country. The 200-something Peace … Continue reading Learning a Zambian Local Language: Bemba

Peace Corp Zambia packing list 2018

Peace Corps Zambia RAP 2018 – Packing List

What kind of Peace Corps blog doesn’t have a packing list? I read through dozens upon dozens of lists and no two are the same. What you pack obviously depends on your host country, your work, and your personal preferences. I am packing everything in a 70-L Osprey backpack (bought this off a friend in … Continue reading Peace Corps Zambia RAP 2018 – Packing List

Skydiving australia goulburn adrenalin skydive

Skydiving in Goulburn, Australia – Adrenalin Skydive Review

Adam and I never exchanged Christmas gifts other than homemade paintings/cards or e-books. As frugal minimalists, we just don’t want to accumulate things we don’t need for the sake of giving a gift. But Adam gave me the best gift this year. During the warm and sunny holiday season in Sydney, we were housesitting in … Continue reading Skydiving in Goulburn, Australia – Adrenalin Skydive Review

Northern Vietnam Travel Guide

When it comes to Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam is easily my favorite pick. Once a lesser-known destination, it has become more and more popular among tourists in recent years. With its beautiful nature and cultural diversity, Vietnam attracted 10 million visitors in 2016, an increase of 26.0% from 2015. From the peaceful rice valleys of Sapa in Northern Vietnam stretching to the bustling city of the Ho Chi Minh in the south, Vietnam is home to a wealth of attractions and amazing cuisine that will attract both budget and luxury-seeking travelers. Here’s your complete travel guide for your 1 week's trip in Northern Vietnam