Travel Consulting

Lianne Sydney Habour Bridge

Friends and readers always ask me for travel advice and I am happy to provide it. I go above and beyond to research and offer my best travel hacks & tips from nearly five years of full-time travel experience. I can offer travel advice for Australia, India, Korea, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, USA, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Laos, Mongolia, Indonesia, as well as the 72-hour visa in China. Since I spent three years living in Korea, I know the country well and as an adoptee, I can offer advice specific to Korean adoptees returning to the motherland.

Travel consulting services include:

  • Saving money pre-trip & while on the road – I grew up in an extremely frugal household, so I am quite good at saving money to fund what’s really important to you. While on the road, I’ve traveled for an average of $15 a day in Southeast Asia, Mexico, even Australia! I can find the best deals and teach some ways to save money by using public transportation, using coupons & discount codes, travel rewards, cash back programs, etc.
  • Itinerary planning & logistics 
  • Visa arrangement – Not a fun part of the process, but essential! We met a guy who had to change his whole travel plan because he did not research the rules of Vietnam visas thoroughly enough.
  • Cheap flights 
  • Budget accommodation & Booking Services – Read some tips about budget accommodation in Southeast Asia first
  • Getting started with housesitting – Free accommodation while taking care of some darn cute animals. Need I say more? My housesitting guide is a good start. I can help you make the perfect profile, a simple professional housesitting website, and send requests to optimize your chance of landing your first job.
  • Making money while on the road – Teaching English was my first outlet for earning (I’ve done so in Korea, Japan, and Australia), but I’ve also gotten odd jobs like nannying, working at fun events & workshops, and freelance writing to fund travels. In recent years, I have ventured into building streams of passive income like affiliate marketing and print-on-demand. I have other ways I earn some money online but there’s just not enough space to talk about all of that here!
  • Unique experiences through HelpX and CouchSurfing – I’ll help you draft a profile & requests to raise the likelihood of you getting chosen. These are ever popular and hosts receive lots of requests. Thoughtful letters and an excellent profile will make you stand out
  • Planning your working holiday in Australia
  • Planning a camping road trip in the USA and Australia – I road tripped for 3 months total in the US as well as traveling for one year in Australia.

I tend to work in a gift economy. I love doing all of the above and do not like considering it ‘work’, but I also value my expertise and time. So pay as you feel. For inquiries, please contact me at Hello [at]