This is an overdue post about our Bali vacation back in January. After spending about two weeks exploring Guangzhou, China and Java, Indonesia, it was time to rest our sore feet in the island of Bali. January is rainy season, but the weather didn’t noticeably hinder us from doing what we wanted to do. Because … Continue reading Bali

Borobudur – The World’s Largest Buddhist Temple

Nestled in the outskirts of the ancient city, Yogyakarta, Indonesia is an intricately designed Buddhist temple. Borobudur, meaning “Buddhist Monastery on a Hill”, is the largest Buddhist monument in the world. Spreading 118 by 118 meters wide and standing 35 meters tall, Borobudur encapsulates thousands of Buddhist lessons carved into panels. The outstanding stone temple … Continue reading Borobudur – The World’s Largest Buddhist Temple