Quick Guide to Housesitting

We've spent zero dollars during our time in Australia so far. One way to subsidize this cost is to housesit! Housesitting is an excellent way to experience local culture, take care of animals, and have some downtime to work on projects while you're on the road full-time. Here is a quick guide on how you can get started housesitting!

Tips for buying a backpacker car in Australia

Tips for Buying a Car in Australia

Australia is the perfect place for a road trip. But you need a car, right? Renting one is an option, but can quickly get expensive. Here is a brief overview on some tips for buying a car in Australia - specifically in Queensland.

Travel $15 a day

Full-time Travel on $15 a Day

Travel certainly can be a strain on the wallet, but it doesn’t have to be. To us, travel is not a vacation. On a vacation, people may splurge and pamper because that one week might be the only time to spend money on traveling for the year. This is perfectly valid. Go for it! However, since we choose to travel long-term, we cannot afford --nor are we interested in -- resorts or all-inclusive packages.