Earn money when you book accommodation with Booking.com

Earn $25 When You Book Accommodation!

Earn money when you book accommodation with Booking.com

It sounds too good to be true, right? I promise, this is for real and it takes almost no effort.

I earned $40 to book a guesthouse which I would have booked anyway.

Since I stayed in Bali, the guest houses were cheap, so I basically had several nights free.



From the Booking.com referral website. I earned $25 for using Adam’s link and I earned $15 for Adam using my link.

booking.com referral bonus

Booking.com Referral Bonus added to my credit card statement. It shows minus since it is a credit card and it’s deducting from my debt.

How? It’s simple. Booking.com has an amazing referral program going on now!

When you are ready to book accommodation, just click this link. Then making your booking as you normally would! The only thing to know is that your booking must be $50 or more to earn the $25. So even if you stay at a $10/night place for 5 days in Thailand, you’ll be paying only $5 a night!

You will receive the $25 about two days after your stay.

Even existing members can earn. I have been using Booking.com for several years but I still got the bonus!

If you do not want to spent $50 on accommodation, you can use this link (this one is my referral link). For some reason, my link only gives $15, so if you want to only spent $30 on accommodation (that could get you a nice place in Bali!), you will earn $15 after your stay.

Temuku Guesthouse Bali

Spent two nights here in Bali for half off! Spent $50 on two nights and got $25 back from Booking.com, so it was like we spent $12.5 per night ($6.25 each).

Adam and I both used referral links and we each earned money, which we share when we travel anyway, so it’s like we’ve gotten several days of free accommodation. We use Booking.com anyway when we reserve because they offer the best prices. I also like the free cancellation/change of dates they usually offer. There are no fees for customers to use Booking.com (the hotel pays the commission).



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*You can only earn money through one link*

Happy travels!

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7 thoughts on “Earn $25 When You Book Accommodation!

  1. erinklema says:

    I’ve never booked a guesthouse through Booking.com, but this sounds like a great alternative to staying in a hotel. Plus, you get a $25 bonus. Sounds like a win-win!

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