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For some reason, people tend to gravitate toward me when it comes to travel advice: random mutual friends whom I never met, CouchSurfers soliciting advice, and fellow EPIK teachers contacting me about questions regarding bus services, how to find jjimjilbangs, and when is the Kimchi Festival.

I don’t mind these inquiries. Actually, I am more than happy to provide advice about the wonderful city of Gwangju and tend to give more than needed. So, I decided to write up a brief Gwangju (and vicinity) guide to direct to people looking to come. I am going to assume that the reader is a complete Korean noob, so I will provide translations and such. So if you’ve been here for a while, skip over some of the details and pride yourself in being a Korea-traveling vet.

Mudeung Mountain National Park

Mudeung Mountain National Park

Hope this will be helpful whether you are traveling through Gwangju or considering moving there to live/work/study. I’ve been to every province in Korea and would not want to live anywhere but Gwangju.

I will provide information about the more well-known things in Gwangju (such as Mudeung Mountain), but also the more hidden places that most tourists do not hear about (although I’m a little hesitant to uncover some of my favorite hidden spots!).

From the Chosun University Facebook Page

From the Chosun University Facebook Page

Gwangju Introduction

Practical Advice


Accommodation (coming soon)

Things to do

Quick, get the camera! Scenic Wonderlands (coming soon)

Working up a sweat: Sports and Outdoors (coming soon)

Korea before coffee shops: Traditional Edition (coming soon)

Get cultured: History and Art Edition (coming soon)

Must be August: Rainy Day Edition (coming soon)

Shut up and take my money: Nightlife/Shopping (coming soon)

Getaway: Day Trips  (coming soon)

Boseong Green Tea Plantation & Naganeupseong Folk Village 1 Day Private Tour

Disclaimer: I have been living in Gwangju during 2012-2015, so obviously I do not know everything, but I have done quite a bit of exploring. These are some of my favorite things about Gwangju and I will draw from my knowledge. I tend to be more interested in outdoors and sports, so something like the historical section may be lacking.

If you would like to add more to this guide, please leave a comment below!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    thanks so much for the tips about transportation… I wished you woul dhave disclosed some of the hidden places though

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