Online English Tutor

I am TESOL certified and have 4+ years of teaching English to hundreds of students (ages 3 to 60) from Korea, Japan, Mongolia, Indonesia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Russia, Mexico, etc. My accent is standard American.

Practical Conversational English – I love helping students feel confident to travel independently. I am a friendly and approachable person wanting to help you with pronunciation, intonation, natural conversation patterns, useful idioms/slang, cultural etiquette, and whatever you want to learn! Many English-language learners already know a lot of English but have difficulty using it in everyday life. I can help you gain fluency to speak with confidence and natural rhythm.

Study/work Abroad Resumes & Application Assistance – In a previous job, I helped undergraduate students with such paperwork as well as writing grants, scholarship essays, and research theses. I can proofread for spelling, grammar, style, and word choice so you can best represent yourself to application reviewers.

I tend to work in a gift economy. I love doing all of the above and do not like considering it ‘work’, but I also value my expertise and time. So pay as you feel. For inquiries, please contact me at Hello [at] or on the Contact page.