Three Months of Travel – One Second Everyday

I’ve been using the 1 Second Everyday application to remember moments of the past two months. I compiled the the last three months of our post-Korea travels so far including: . Korea, India, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam. It is hard to choose just one second to represent that day, even to remember to film the best moments (sometimes, it’s better off that way). Grateful to meet interesting people, experience kindness and hospitality, eat magnificent food, see natural beauties, and all with my dear Adam! Thankful to be safe and healthy in a world that can be so scary and depressing. Sigh. I spent a lot of time reading horrific news, but you know what, I still think the world is beautiful and people are inherently good. It’s all I’ve experienced myself. There are terrible things happening that I cannot understand. I’ve woken up to tragedies that make me feel guilty all day for living this life while others’ lives were taken away. I can’t feel guilty though. What I can do is spread happiness and kindness to everyone I meet and be a good person. Yes, bad things happen to good people, but we can’t control some things from happening. We can’t live in fear or else they’ll win. Don’t be afraid of your neighbors or strangers. Treat others with respect. We’re all human and we’re all trying to survive. It’s not that hard, but apparently it is for some. Something needs to urgently change.
I hope my posts about how beautiful the world and people are serve as a break from the news for my friends.

We’re currently in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. When my father was here during the war, it was known as Saigon.

As I type this, Adam and our CouchSurfing host, Phuoc, are playing chess. His 11 year-old-brother is some kind of prodigy and he beats us both!

Grateful to have been CouchSurfing and having such authentic experiences in Vietnam. I’m loving this country so much and have stories upon stories to share, but am insanely backed up with this site. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Three Months of Travel – One Second Everyday

  1. Anna V says:

    Your spirit (and posts) are always full of positivity and they inspire me to be a better person! Thanks for the message in this post. I agree that we’re all just human, and most people choose goodness over bad when encountering others. I love the updates you both keep posting – Adam and I are taking careful notes for our trip next year ^^

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