One Second Every Day – September-November 2015 – India, Thailand, Laos

I’ve been recording one-second video clips every day since 2014. This has been a great way to preserve those memories from all of our travels. I highly recommend the 1 Second Everyday app to do the same! You will enjoy looking back at those videos. There is something beautiful to capture every single day, no matter how mundane. Check out my other One Second Every Day video clips!

September 1 marked the date I officially left Korea after three years of teaching English. Leaving was bittersweet – I know I would miss my life in Korea as well as my birth family, but it was time to move on.

We packed up our life into a backpack and headed to Kochi, India! We traveled for a month to finish in Mumbai. From there, we flew to Bangkok and then traveled overland to northern Thailand and Laos.

We closely tracked our spending and determined that we spent $15 per person per day in these countries. So much happened in those three months so I won’t describe everything, but check out this video for a clip of backpacker life in South and Southeast Asia!

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