Korean Speech

I wrote a 3-minute speech in Korean for the speaking portion of the Korean class exam. I had it edited by several Korean-speaking people so that it is grammatically correct. Out of curiosity, I used Microsoft Translator to translate the speech into English. It is quite humorous. Enjoy.

Hello. I’m a Rihanna. I’m a United States person.
Korean people I think it is strange when you speak English.
People came in and asked “People’s Republic of China? Japan? Phil Rabin? “”
People say that to the face of Korean people.
That’s right. There is also a Korean man.
Our MOM and dad are not money spent to adopt.
South Korea wanted to meet the family.
Two thousand years-UK-met the family
My family has all six people. The father and the mother, sister and three people and me.
My father is a businessman. My mother is a housewife. Eugene is also a sister to housewives. Yumi sister school teacher. And behold a sister is manga artist.
We are so alike. I really love my family.
Now I live in Korea. I’m very happy living in close
My parents live in the previous
Does it take a bus for Jeonju in Guangzhou. One hour and thirty minutes long.
These days, I am busy.
I’m studying Korean, work, and travel.
Busy parents haven’t a lot of strangers.
I dont want to meet my parents.
We meet at the fun.
If the weather is nice if you are in the mountains. When it rains it into a cataplasm.
The mountain’s more fun than a cataplasm.
In minutes, and I’m interested in the high mountains.
And I’ve learned a lot of Korean culture.
Inside the House shoes you can’t.
Want to learn more on Korean culture. And I want to learn Korean cuisine.
My parents wanted to talk with Korean and want to learn more.
They do not speak English, so I dont want to learn Korean.
They grieve for adoption. I’d have to say it was OK.
Now my family is happy.
I videotaped my speech to practice an hour before the actual speech! I feel awkward taking videos of myself and the speech is far from perfect, but here it is:

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