Guest Interview – Global Gallivanting

Anna from Global Gallivanting is a digital nomad who has been traversing the world seeking all kinds of adventures. Her travel posts have been a priceless resource when trip planning, especially for India and Australia. Please visit her site because it is fabulous!

Honored to have been featured in an interview about teaching English in Korea.

How to Teach English in South Korea

How to Teach English in South Korea

3 thoughts on “Guest Interview – Global Gallivanting

  1. Anna V says:

    I’m so interested – I’ve never heard anyone talk about not wanting to limit themselves by applying the name “vegetarian” – and I wish we’d talked some about this before you left! I’ve just begun eating vegetarian, but I’ve also been hesitant to apply the name with as much gusto as some others I know. I read “eating animals” by Jonathan Safran Foer and just completely lost interest in eating meat after that. 🙂 Maybe I’ll PM you later!

    • Anna V says:

      Oops, that comment was for your “More birth family!” post, not this one ^^ Sorry for all the belated comments – I’m catching up on blog reading now that vacation is over!

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