Adoptive and Birth Families met in South Korea

My Parents Meet My Parents

As discussed in my recent post about adoption, I am one fortunate human being. First of all, I was adopted as an infant, leaving me free of traumatizing memories of being taken to a new land as a school-age child, when memories are retrievable. My adoptive family is wonderful and supportive; never did I feel … Continue reading My Parents Meet My Parents

Kimchi and Sul (Alcohol) – My Birth Mother’s Surprise Visit

Yumi informed me on Thursday afternoon that Omma will be paying me a visit the following evening. With my agenda already clear, I was happy to hear the news. I was assuming that also meant Appa was coming. I meticulously cleaned my apartment and bought some food because they tend to laugh that my refrigerator … Continue reading Kimchi and Sul (Alcohol) – My Birth Mother’s Surprise Visit