I have always been a planner. My Google calendar used to be booked up every hour by the hour. I didn't have time to take a step back and reflect. My recent journey has allowed me to do so and I was a different person. I didn't plan every detail. I took each day as … Continue reading


Back in the USA

A week of the International Korean Adoptee Association (IKAA) third Gathering in Seoul was intense and fulfilling. I can write so much about it but I don't know if I have the energy now. It was a crazy and busy week. I was always doing something and I rarely slept. I met adoptees from around … Continue reading Back in the USA

I'm not on top of updating as I wish to be. Although PC 펑s (bang [room]) are ubiquitous, time is not. I promise many updates about my journey. It has been incredible and it is not over yet. I just got to Seoul last night. This is the first time in 22 years to be … Continue reading

So much has been happening and it's difficult to find time to sit down and update! I will try my best with bullet points. Sorry if I repeat because the days sort of mush together. - Went to Doi Suthep, a very famous beautiful temple in the mountains. Learned and was inspired by Buddhism. - Went … Continue reading

We have some down time now. We are waiting for our friends to get back from lunch and we are going to go to the Chiang Mai University Art Gallery. It would be fun to see what campus life is like here. Speaking of college students, Beca and I went to a local bar. We … Continue reading