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Earn $25 When You Book Accommodation!

It sounds too good to be true, right? I promise, this is for real and it takes almost no effort. I earned $40 to book a guesthouse which I would have booked anyway. Since I stayed in Bali, the guest houses were cheap, so I basically had several nights free.   How? It's simple. Booking.com has … Continue reading Earn $25 When You Book Accommodation!

Cairns to Sydney road trip

Road Trip from Cairns to Sydney: Top Destinations that Aren’t Beaches

Most people envision pristine waters and surfers under the sun when imagining an Australian holiday. True, Australia is blessed with spectacular beaches; it’s no wonder that 85% of the population lives near the coast. Not everyone, however, is into sandy stretches of coast. When planning your driving itinerary, switch it up by exploring the other gems of Australia’s coast. Here are six not-so-obvious recommendations on your Cairns-Sydney road trip.  

Northern Vietnam Travel Guide

When it comes to Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam is easily my favorite pick. Once a lesser-known destination, it has become more and more popular among tourists in recent years. With its beautiful nature and cultural diversity, Vietnam attracted 10 million visitors in 2016, an increase of 26.0% from 2015. From the peaceful rice valleys of Sapa in Northern Vietnam stretching to the bustling city of the Ho Chi Minh in the south, Vietnam is home to a wealth of attractions and amazing cuisine that will attract both budget and luxury-seeking travelers. Here’s your complete travel guide for your 1 week's trip in Northern Vietnam