10 Things I Never Knew about South Korea Before Living There

When you live in a new country, rather than being a tourist for a short-time, you learn so much more about the culture and can dig deeper into the good, the bad, and the ugly. Here are 10 things I learned about South Korea from living there for three years.


Korean Cultural Quirk #3: Fan Death

The leading causes of death in South Korea are cancer and suicide. Unfortunately, all of the kimchi and acidic salty food turns on Koreans when stomach cancer strikes. And with a highly competitive work and education society, Korea’s suicide rate is at an all time high. However, Koreans fear of dying in another way that … Continue reading Korean Cultural Quirk #3: Fan Death

Korean Cultural Quirk #1: Korean Facial Masks

Maybe I am biased, but Koreans are beautiful people. Even for a brief trip to the local convenience store, Korean girls, especially Seoulites, have to look good. There's no such thing as http://www.PeopleAtEMart.com. Koreans have flawless, milky skin and wear highly fashionable and highly adorable outfits. God forbid a Korean girl does not wear outrageously … Continue reading Korean Cultural Quirk #1: Korean Facial Masks