One Second Every Day – June 2019 – Zambia and Malawi

I’ve been recording one-second video clips every day since 2014. This has been a great way to preserve those memories from all of our travels. I highly recommend the 1 Second Everyday app to do the same! You will enjoy looking back at those videos. There is something beautiful to capture every single day, no matter how mundane. Check out my other One Second Every Day video clips!

One second clips of June 2019! Half of the month was spent in our village in Zambia and the other half on our first vacation during service to Malawi! We went an alternative route by traveling overland via Chitipa for a long day of travel. Our first stay was with a lovely CouchSurfing host in Karonga, the north tip of Lake Malawi. We then slowly worked our way down beautiful Malawi.

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