Day in the Life of a Girl – Peace Corps Zambia

Gender equality is a social issue in most countries in the world, including the United States. Empowering women and girls is a major key in all aspects of development. In rural villages of Zambia, both men and women work hard, but traditionally defined gender roles require women to work longer hours, ultimately resulting in differing educational and economic opportunities.

This video illustrates one example of a young woman’s typical day. Cynthia was one of my first friends upon moving into the village. She confidently approached me as I was on my bicycle. She ended up riding my bike with me on the back, delivering me to meet all of her neighbors. She taught me how to light the brazier, the path up a nearby mountain, and isn’t afraid to correct my Bemba. I thank Cynthia for her friendship, her hard work, and for sharing her life with the world.

Please share this video and continue to support gender equality and female empowerment! Amaka mu bakashana: power to the women!

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