One Second Every Day – August-October 2016 – Japan & Australia

I’ve been recording one-second video clips every day since 2014. This has been a great way to preserve those memories from all of our travels. I highly recommend the 1 Second Everyday app to do the same! You will enjoy looking back at those videos. There is something beautiful to capture every single day, no matter how mundane. Check out my other One Second Every Day video clips!

After six months apart, Adam and I met up in Tokyo where I had been working at an English summer camp. When that job finished up, we had an adventure trying to fly to Australia. The trains stopped running due to a typhoon. We frantically tried to figure out how to get to the airport and eventually found our way to Narita with the help of a woman who was also going. We managed to get to the airport on time, but not without stress, and patiently waited on line to get our tickets for Cairns. When we finally reached the attendant, she informed us that we were 20 minutes too late and she would not allow us to check in, yet we were waiting in line for an hour! There were no announcements urging Cairns passengers to board. To say the least, we were peeved about that. They moved us to a flight for the next afternoon. Since several flights were canceled, Narita airport provided sleeping bags and snacks for customers. Adam and I bought some wine and rice triangles for the slumber party. I can write a lot more about this story, but eventually, we did make it to Cairns! Our HelpX hosts, Jenna and Brenton, were extremely accommodating. We spent the week helping them and hanging out while searching for a vehicle. Within one week, we bought our backpacker car that we fell in love with! Other highlights during those months:

  • Help Exchange with a florist in the Daintree Rainforest 
  • Spotting cassowaries in the rainforest and on a beach
  • Help Exchange in the middle of nowhere Queensland
  • Waterfalls galore!
  • Road tripping down Queensland and camping along the way
  • First housesitting job in Mapleton with two teeny papillons
  • Help Exchange in suburban Brisbane with a funny woman. Met some fellow travelers – a creative French woman and a friendly Spanish couple
  • Housesitting in Central Coast with a dog that hated us at first
  • Reached Sydney on Halloween where we stayed with Adam’s friend! We started the job hunt immediately (Learn more about tips on finding a job in Australia)

Read more about my favorite destinations between Cairns and Sydney that aren’t beaches!

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