Epic Arts Cafe, Kampot Cambodia

Epic Arts Café in Kampot, Cambodia – Great Food, Great Mission

When Adam and I travel to a new place, we usually like to visit several different eating establishments, trying a little bit at many places.

However, we sometimes find ourselves patronizing the same joint when we like a place enough.

Here in Kampot, Cambodia, we’re digging Epic Arts Cafe. Not only does EAC tickle your taste buds, it helps others.

Epic Arts Cafe, Kampot Cambodia

The name derives from Every Person Counts. The organization, founded in the UK, strives to improve the lives of individuals with disabilities around the world. Here in Asia, people tend to look away from people with disabilities. At least in my classes in Korea, students with developmental delays would often get ignored. As a teacher, it was difficult to watch how these students were treated. Even if I made efforts to include them in the lesson, I knew that they were left to fend for themselves the rest of the week in their normal classes. I’m not sure if it is a similar situation in Cambodia, but from what I gather, there are a handful of organizations aiding this population.

Epic Arts is one of them. The organization helps provide opportunities for disabled people to work and have a  safe spot to hang out. They’re valued and respected individuals in an inclusive society. Epic encourages people to express themselves through art and creativity.

Epic Arts Cafe in Kampot, Cambodia

The downstairs interior. You can also sit outside or upstairs!

The cafe is just one of many ways Epic outreaches its mission. Most of the employees at the cafe are deaf, so you should order using paper. If you’re feeling confident, you can use some sign language as instructed in the creative menu.

There are also workshops for people to express themselves through art. In the gallery a few doors over, one can find handmade crafts for sale. Individually drawn greeting cards, high quality scarves, and They make for unique souvenirs far superior to keychains and magnets.

You convinced me. How can I visit the cafe and gallery in Kampot, Cambodia?

The cafe is near a park, but easy to miss. The blue awning has a nondescript sign, so be on the lookout. You can sit outside, but don’t forget to check out the relaxed upstairs. Have a look at the menu and try not to drool or get overzealous and order too much. You’ll probably be back again. We were. Several times.

The bagels are quite delicious (that is saying a lot as I’m from New Jersey!). The cream cheese and roast vegetable bagel comes with an overload of veggies bursting with flavor. Even though I love me some olive oil, it was a bit too much for me, but Adam thoroughly enjoyed it. We ordered the hummus and olive oil bagel next. It was served with a fistful of fresh vegetables laden with Kampot pepper. The hummus was delightful as well. Again, the oil levels were too much for my liking, so perhaps ask them for it to be lighter.

The couscous and chickpea salad with tzatziki sauce is not to be missed. It filled me up for hours. The crunchy Kerala salad was served on a wooden cutting board. Plenty of leaves to make me happy. It’s hard to come by super fresh vegetables in Asia and when we do, we worry a bit about the water in which they are washed. Epic Arts Cafe washes their vegetables in clean water, so there won’t be an issue if you have a sensitive stomach.

There are plenty of desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. We tried the apple pie, which I would recommend. Make sure to request them to warm it up! The ice cream and gigantic cookies also look scrumptious. Looks like I’ll have to go back again. Fine with me!

Practical Information

Address: #67 Oosaupia Muoy | Sovann Sakor, Kompong Kanda,Kampot, Cambodia (look for the corner restaurant with a blue awning. Across from the park)

Phone Number: +855 92 922 069

Hours: 7:00 am – 4:00 pm

Facebook Page

Did you visit Epic Arts Cafe? What did you think? Comment below!

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