Korea Travel Tip #5 Free Shuttle Buses

I talked about how to navigate the intercity buses in Korea to be like a local, but embrace yourself as a foreigner by taking advantage of free intercity shuttle buses.



To promote tourism, there are several shuttle buses set up to bring people to and from various festivals and cities. One that is currently running from March until December 2015 is the Seoul-Jeonju route. You must apply in advance. One downside of this is that you must adhere to the set scheduled time the buses depart. They also only operate on weekends. Hope you’re a morning person!

Travel for FREE!

In the past, I’ve also taken advantage of a similar offer by taking a free train from Busan to Gyeongju and back. You will likely have to show your passport.

When searching for up-to-date shuttle services, Google “Free shuttle bus Korea (insert year)”. If you are looking to go to a festival, check out the website to see if there are shuttle buses from the bus terminal to the event.

And when in doubt, call 1330.

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