Some Things Bagels

I am from New Jersey. No, I never went to a tanning salon and no, I’m not friends with Snookie (actually, there was a character on there that went to my high school. Not something that prides me). But yes, I love me some ska, pizza, and BAGELS. Everything bagels, to be exact, toasted with a schmear of cream cheese, not too thick. After high school, we always had a break time before gymnastics practice started. The girls gathered in their leotards and sweat pants to journey over to the A&P supermarket. On top of Entemann’s cookies and other sorts of delicious garbage, we purchased everything bagels for pocket change (literally, they were 25 cents per). Some people fear that gymnasts are at risk for anorexia, but our team destroyed that stereotype. Everything bagels melting in my mouth every day. Even though I lived in New Jersey, life was good.

Eighteen years was more than enough in the Garden State, so I shimmied my way to sunshine in Florida for the next six years. It was during this period of time that I learned that bagels are not the same everywhere. Dry and crumbly. Just, meh. It’s the water, so they say. A mediocre everything bagel is better than no bagel at all, so I sucked it up and still ate them.

Then, I moved to Korea. I regret ever cursing the Floridian bagels because I’d listen to Nickelback on repeat for two straight hours if I could have an everything bagel. While it may be possible to get such a treat in Seoul, it is not an easy feat in Gwangju. Besides, the last thing I want to do on a rainy Sunday morning is to haul my ass across town for a ring of sweet dough.

So, I took the liberty to try it myself.


First attempt

Whole wheat flour is unavailable here, so I had it shipped all the way from America via . The online shop is a lifesaver while living in Korea. My basket is always full of oatmeal, quinoa, coconut oil, teas, natural soaps, and other things nonexistent here. Shipping is really cheap (sometimes even free) and the rewards program is fantastic. Shameless plug-in – use my code to get $10 off your first order of $40 or $5 off your first order. LST616 at checkout. You’re really doing yourself a favor with this coupon code.

Anyway, I made two sets of whole wheat bagels thus far. The first set came out delicious, but a bit yeasty. The second set came out a little more dry. I cannot compete with the bagel lords residing in the tristate area, but these were nice to have in the kitchen for a quick breakfast or snack. Cream cheese is available in Korea at a price, so it must be savored. I will keep experimenting until I find the perfect combination.

I followed recipes that I found online, so I won’t post them and take credit. You can find them here and here.

I didn’t have onion flakes or poppy seeds, so they’re actually “some things bagels”. If you are a celiac, I am sorry.

Next thing: New Jersey pizza. Oh, my. I can’t even…

Second Attempt

Second Attempt

One day, you will be in my mouth again. Quite possibly my favorite food.

One day, you will be in my mouth again. Quite possibly my favorite food.


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