2014 Goals

I don’t have concrete goals, but just some things I want to focus on. More to come.

  • Becoming proficient at piano, a skill I’ve always wanted to learn. In a timely fashion, Adam surprised me with a keyboard!
  • Get more involved in the Gwangju community. My first year was spent traveling and forming wonderful friendships. Now that I feel more settled, I want to become more active in the community and help make it a more desirable place to visit. 
  • Run a half-marathon.
  • Continue creating art and finding a style.
  • Do a better job of analyzing my emotions and expressing myself.
  • Minimalize my belongings.
  • Save money for long-term travel and graduate school.
  • Get a clearer picture of a 5-year plan and career goals. I just want a basic idea of what I’ll be doing after Korea (well, besides traveling of course). My passion with research in psychology completely died and I’m trying to figure out my passions now.
  • Travel, give, love, compliment, smile, try new things. Do these often and always.

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