Random Interactions with Koreans #2 Moist Face

The other day, I got complimented twice at school. On what? My face. Strange, it’s not like it changed in the past year. First, the vice principal comes in, cheery faced as usual. He looked at me and said that I look more Korean how my face looks good, as translated by my coteacher. Later, the P.E. teacher told me that my face looks good and moist.


That’s hardly a compliment. But yeah, Korean Korean summers will do that to your face.

I suppose it’s socially acceptable to comment on your appearance. I’ve had Korean people point out my tan skin (it’s ugly to them) and any imperfections on my face and bruises on my legs. My birth parents are especially skilled at finding cuts and bruises on my body. Today, the cuts they discovered were the result of doing a limbo contest on a stage at the Mud Festival.


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