EPIK Orientation

I am here at Jeonju University for the Fall 2012 EPIK Orientation! With the nickname, “The Place for Superstars”, the campus is lovely and the dormitories are very nice.

My parents took me to the airport on Sunday to meet with the other English teachers. I knew I was in the right place when I saw a swarm of white people speaking with different accents while lugging around heavy suitcases. We met at the airport to take a bus to the orientation location.The three-hour ride to Jeonju was pleasant. I sat next to a South African girl because she reminded me of a good friend, Lauryn, so we had nice conversations for the duration of the ride. I learned some very interesting facts about South Africa!

We eventually reached the dormitory where we got our name tags, a goody bag with gifts, and our dormitory assignment. I am rooming with an energetic travel bug from England named Sarah. I absolutely adore her!

Orientation is extremely organized by the wonderful staff, but it still feels chaotic to me. The new stimulus and meeting tons of new people is intense. The lectures haven’t even begun yet! Our orientation book is quite thick and our schedules will be completely full starting tomorrow. I do look forward to learning teaching methods, the taekwondo class, and the field trip, but I am more excited to get to my apartment in Gwangju and meet my co-workers and students.

It does not feel real yet. I LIVE IN KOREA. After months of paperwork, interviews, mailings, a TESOL course, webinars, fees, etc., I am HERE. 


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