On The Road (Again)

Before leaving America for an extended period, I wanted to do a sequel road trip. It may not be 12,000 miles and we may not visit several national parks, but I will squeeze the Smoky Mountains in there as well as Grandfather Mountain. Instead of exploring new places out west, I’ll be visiting familiar places up north. We’ll be CouchSurfing with strangers, friends, and family and of course we’ll camp a few nights. I’m excited to see my siblings for the first time in three years, since my sister’s wedding. This time, we get to celebrate her expecting a first baby, Joseph Rand, with a co-ed baby shower. I get to show Daryl where I grew up and hopefully alter any preconceptions he has about New Jersey. Necessary activities may include going to a Jersey diner, a Jersey shore, the Kevin Smith comic book store in Red Bank, Atlantic City, Vintage Vinyl, and of course, several visits to Wawa, also known as the best convenience store in the universe. If you’re familiar with Wawa, you know exactly what I mean.

I get to see my best friend, the Beca Grimm, and some fellow InKAS Camp participants. This cannot get any better! Well, if we had time to explore New England, that would really make it epic.

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