Korean Cultural Quirk #2: Colorless Cars

While staring at the busy Busan streets from the 11th floor, I noticed a trend in the cars. There were only shades, no colors. Throughout my stay, I was on the lookout for colored cars, but they were rare. Even most taxi cabs are silver and black. I come home to research and in fact, found out that 9 out of 10 cars in Korea is black, white, or silver.

Korean is a homogenous nation. Every Korean wants to look like every other Korean because standing out is the ultimate fear. One way to blend in with the rest is to have a silver, black, or white car. Since nearly everyone has one, people keep purchasing these colors. The resale rate for shaded cars are higher than their colored counterparts, and the cycle continues.



If you’re brave like this Korean lad to purchase a pink car, you will get many stares and questions from Koreans.

I found it odd because Korea appears to be a colorful nation. The food, like bibimbap, is a rainbow of nutrition. Hanboks and traditional temples radiate bright colors. The fashion and shopping areas lure your attention with the most obnoxious colors


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