Korean birth family reunion

Same Same: My Korean Birth Family and I

After much screaming, crying, and hugging, the first English I heard at the reunion was my sister, Yumi, pointing to another sister, Yu Jin, and saying “similar face!”

I noticed more similarities during the fulfilling days spending time with my birth family. My mom and sisters all have the same funky hairline. I have the eyes of Vora, face shape of Yu Jin, and smile of Yumi. We examined each others hands, feet, knees. To me, looking like your family was always something foreign and unfamiliar. I could not stop staring at my family members, astonished how similar we look. It may never get old.

My family constantly showered me with compliments, “์ด์œ, you’re so pretty!). I cannot take credit for how I look, it is all my family’s genes. When I said “good genes”. They got confused faces, thinking of the kind of pants. They did understand “Good DNA” though.

Not only do we share physical characteristics, our personalities match, too. Yumi can be animated and silly, but she is much funnier than I ever am. We both have a liking for rock music. Vora’s a bit quiet at first, but opens up in smaller groups. She’s creative as an animator and a lover of Japanese cultuer. Yu Jin is very soft spoken and sweet. She’s the oldest and is very motherly. Appa is known to be a tough guy. He’s determined and strong, but he has a kind and generous heart. He seems to be a bit risky and impulsive, which is probably why I like gambling and going on adventures. Finally, my sweet, sweet Omma. We share a love for the mountains. We feel a sense of calmness and peace when we are hiking. We both have simple taste. We usually opt to wear a shade over a bright color and have no interest in fancy jewelry.

As a group, my family is laid back, kind hearted, simple, and positive. We have a similar sense of humor and shared many laughs and jokes even with a language barrier.

I’m telling you, those gene things. They’re pretty neat.

I usually do not like to post so many photos of me, but I want to demonstrate the similarities. You can capture the personality too in some of them.

I love them so much!


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