The InKAS 2012 GK Summer Camp is over and I am sitting in the Hamilton Hotel in the trashiest district in Seoul, Itaewon, where you see more loud white people than Koreans.

Avoiding the chaos outside, I am snuggling alone in the room waiting to check out. To break the silence, I browsed through channels until I came across words I actually understood. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was being aired. I happened to land on the part when he discovers who his father is and he learns about his mother and where he came from.  It is as if my current state of mind was synchronized with the Korean television channel’s timing.

I am waiting to go meet my birth sisters. Now feeling more jittery, I actually was calm, perhaps numb, for the entire time up until this very point. I have nothing to be anxious about. They are my sisters and they will love me for who I am and accept me, right? Later tonight, my sisters will take me to my parents in Jeonju. Even more shivers. My entire life of faceless images of how I imagined my family and Korean life are gradually coming into fruition.


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