Today is my dad’s 65th birthday. I don’t think I can properly describe my dad in words. He is just that person you have to meet if you’re lucky enough. He is quirk, goofy, intelligent and logical. He has a big heart and always means well. I’ve spent more time with my parents these past two days more than I have since before college. The time was all of quality.


We explored the Georgia Aquarium today, a must see. With endless amounts of children circling me oohing and aahing, it caused me to regress back to childhood. Just like when I was a child at Sea World, I became overly excited by the site of a penguin and nearly came to tears watching the magestic dolphins flip in the air. My childhood dream was to become a marine biologist and/or dolphin trainer (what kid didn’t dream of this?). It just felt good to feel like a kid again. Focusing my energy on observing whale sharks or petting sting rays is a bit more exciting than brooding over stressful adult things. In the end, adults are just overgrown kids. We don’t really know what we’re doing; we are playing life a day at a time. I used to be extremely work-oriented by living by an insane schedule to stride toward a goal of becoming a research scientist of some sort. Traveling changed my mindset. While I’m still driven, my energies are focused more on personal development by fostering relationships, meeting different people, reading lots, and experiencing as much as this world can offer me.


So I’m going to Korea tomorrow. It STILL has not hit me yet. I’m feeling neutral right now. My friends are thrilled for me and questioning what is going through my mind. To tell you the truth, nothing much. I am dreading the 16 hour flight. My goal is to make it there in one piece with the least amount of jet lag possible.


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