I’m back in Florida and it feels like I never left. I came back to only one cat because my baby, Joyce, died a few days ago. She had cancer for quite a few months and had to be fed constant medication. She was weak and constantly in pain, just struggling to survive with being spoon fed only to vomit it up later. I shed more tears for her while she was sick more than when she passed. Her time had come and I have to accept that.

Besides that, everything else is the same here. It’s still hot all right. It’s still humid, too.

I collected a few maps along the way and added them to my mural of maps on my wall. I regret not saving some maps but I suppose it is just another excuse to go back.

Overall, this trip was an exquisite one. I felt like I was in a different country at times. America’s diversity never ceases to amaze me and I love it here for that reason. I met many travelers coming here from abroad to get a feeling for the so-called American dream. They all cannot get over the massive size of the country. For instance, we gave a ride to Gordie, who was 10 months into a round-the-world trip. We drove from Denver to Arkansas, about a day’s worth of driving including a few hours of sleeping in a Wal-mart parking lot. Kansas was a long and boring stretch. Gordie was impressed that we drove for 12 hours and we did not even scratch the surface of the land area of America whereas it is impossible to drive that distance in the UK. Perspectives, perspectives.

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