Update from Austin

Austin, Texas, the self proclaimed live music capital of the world with the slogan, “Keep Austin Weird”. How can you dislike such a place? It is a great feeling to feel a bit at home even though it is only my second time here since South by Southwest in 200. For the most part, our trip has consisted of completely new towns and experiences. I suppose you can say this is the most ‘at home’ I have felt during these past five days due to the vague familiarity.

I have stories. A lot of stories. I cannot think of one of these hundreds of stories, instances, memories, mental images, etc., without just smiling. Wow. Just wow.ย  We have not had one second to sit and write about our experiences and feelings thus far and I do not know if words can capture them at the moment. I’m sitting in the apartment of a girl we just met this morning. She was kind enough to show us around and let two strangers stay at her place. She is a true good spirit. You just cannot imagine how much faith I have in humanity from all of my wonderful experiences with lovely souls thus far.

It has been more than I could have ever expected. We formed very close friendships with people within hours and it segued into something that I do not know how to put in words. I do not think the English language even has words to capture the friendships that we have formed in such a short period of time.

We thought by now, we would be in Guadalupe National Forest but plans change. We are in a new city we did not plan on visiting staying with a great girl we did not plan on meeting. Nothing happens by the plan and it is supposed to work that way. We are truly living right now in this very moment. I know it is trite to stay to ‘live in the moment’, but I am subscribing to that philosophy more and more every day. Our wise, friendly, humble Couch Surfing host, Dan, in San Antonio taught us a bit about Buddhism and several of his life philosophies. The conversations with him have shaped my ever-current state of mind. It is just the very beginning to self-actualization and enlightenment. The internal journey is always ever-lasting. It is almost as if my traveling is a metaphor for my internal expedition to nirvana. I sound like a complete hippie right then and there and it is quite funny but it is what it is!

I am very happy and excited with what has been happening so far. This journey has only been five days but it has felt like months. I have already grown; the next few weeks are going to be just as incredible. I’ll update with stories and updates. Stay with us when the show continues. It’s This American Life.


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