June 18

What a day, what a day.

June 18, 1977, my parents got married.

June 18, 1988, they adopted a Korean baby. They always said that I was my mom’s anniversary gift.

June 18, 2010, I first stepped foot in a new country where I’ve been contaminated with the travel bug. There is no cure to this particular bug, but rather just some expensive medicine to suppress the symptoms: Traveling more!

Today, June 18, 2011, I am sitting here after packing a bit and cleaning my room. Daryl inspected my Hyundai to ensure it is in tip-top Korean-made shape because we will be living out of old blue for about a month on the road. I have exercised her enough this past year by hauling to various public schools around this monstrous town that is Jacksonville. She is now squeaky clean and ready to go.

It has not yet hit me that I am embarking on this little journey, but it will once I am on the road tomorrow in the a.m.

Plans change. A lot. Here is a basic image of our route. It is by no means final.

I have a blank memory card and an almost-blank journal. We plan to visit friends around the country, camp, and couch surf. Two Australian travelers might be traveling with us for a bit as well so I look forward to sharing the journey with two other young minds.

I am thankful for everything and everyone in my life to make my travels possible. I love my jobs and that I have the ability to take off for an extended period of time. I love my friends who have been providing excellent advice and support. I love couchsurfing hosts who already accepted us for next week. I love my parents for well, everything!

Stay tuned!


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