Obligatory New Years Post

This time last year, I was in Charleston, South Carolina with my favorite people. We were probably coming back from Piggly Wiggly after walking around the town, eating mac and cheese out of the pan because our couchsurfing host didn’t have clean plates and drinking some liquid to warm us up for the cold night, incredibly fun night that was about to be had.

Yes, you can say 2010 was eventful.

I looked forward to 2010 since I was in high school knowing that I would have graduated college by then. I indeed did graduate in April. Take that, UNF, you can finish on time (successfully)! I had a fantastic journey of trying new things, meeting and getting to know great people, and facing difficult challenges. I had a full-time school and research schedule, basically working full-time between 5 jobs, and had a full-time social life. I went and went and went. I have no regrets.

Then everything changed when Beca and I peaced out of this country. As you all know, it had a strong effect on my perspectives. I had no schedule and no deadlines. All I had to do was live and learn.

I came to harsh realizations after going to Korea, thoughts that I have always repressed. It doesn’t stop me from wanting to back back. To say the least, I learned a great deal about where I came from and how significant the people who stayed in my life are. The people there for you matter more than the ones who left you. I love you, my friends!

I look forward to see what will come in 2011. The whole world is moving in a new direction and people are celebrating the transition of this strange concept called time.


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