I don’t really like the holidays.

I do like that everything shuts down and everyone can relax for a change. People get very caught up with responsibilities and the time passes too fast. I am far too guilty of this. I’m glad I have an excuse to not work and watch movies with my mom and cats while in my pajamas.

What I don’t like is people stressing out to purchase silly items just for the sake of giving something. I like thoughtful gifts that people actually use, not use as a dust collector. I listened to a funny episode on NPR about the freakanomics of gift giving. Basically you incur a cost to the receiver by giving them a gift they really don’t want. The example was a $25 candle that takes up about $1 worth of floor space a month (due to rent bills). She also regrets the candle at least three times a week when she has to look at it. I thought that was clever. If so inspired to give it a listen, here’s a link.

I also used to hate the holidays because growing up in the north, I barely saw the sun in the wintertime. The weather really affects my mood; no sun for me is no fun me. I surely feel a lot happier in sunny Florida but I’m still not satisfied with everything else in this stagnant, conservative city. I love the people I met here more than anyone else in this world but it’s almost time for me to move out and start the next chapter of my life. I’m excited and also scared to see where life will take me next, but I know that whatever happens will be good. I hope I find myself living in a new country in 2011.

Happy holidays


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