Yesterday on campus, I saw the freshmen moving into the dorms. I kept thinking about this time four years ago when I was first moving in. A few of those kids won’t make it past the first semester but the ones that survive, their talents and passions are waiting to develop and unravel! I also thought about how that very night I was going to spend time with the very people I met four years ago in the dorms for my one of my best friends/former roommate, Shaun(y)’s birthday. I saw a lot of my friends for the first time all summer.  It took me by surprise that some of them were actually following this blog. I then felt guilty because I barely updated about my experiences. I’m going to make an effort to reflect on some of the highlights in case anyone is interested.

Speaking of last night’s birthday celebration it was great fun to spend time with the people with whom I’ve developed friendships over the years. Although I graduated our friendships are not over – something different from high school. College had a lot of somethings different from high school for that matter.


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