Thank You : Gamsahamnida

I am nothing without the people around me. I am so fortunate that I don’t even know how to express my gratitude to those who have always been there and those who I have only shared a few hours or moments with throughout my trip.

Mom and Dad, Beca, Brecken, Grant, Daisy, Shaun, Daryl, Oscar, LouAnne & Honors, Dawn & ORSP, PxS, LRX, Dr. Ponte, Luke, Olesya, SpicyThai, Boram, IKAA and the wonderful people I met at the gathering, Jeff, Cody, Inga, Thomas, Ava, Mr. Lee, Brittany, New Zealand Paul, Dwight & the volunteers in Bangkok…so many more.

Wow that was cheesy. I just think it’s important to always acknowledge the people who helped and guide you through something extraordinary.


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