So much has been happening and it’s difficult to find time to sit down and update! I will try my best with bullet points. Sorry if I repeat because the days sort of mush together.

– Went to Doi Suthep, a very famous beautiful temple in the mountains. Learned and was inspired by Buddhism.

– Went to a resevior with a lake with disgusting mud. We rented a little boat thing and sat around and looked at the beautiful mountains. B and  I are obsessed with mountains. There were many little huts for restaurants. It was relaxing but not really my thing. Many diseased cats and bugs bothered us. I saw the biggest spider I have seen in my life there.

– Went out every night for one drink. We stumbled on some local bars with some music, some World Cup, some conversation. I like the atmosphere at most of the places. The men usually sit together and the women likewise. They are very quiet and shy but I have to admit the Thai people are trendy and attractive!

– Ate nothing but excellent Thai food – never more than $1 per meal.

– Met people from around the world at our hostel. We met a lot of British people – all with different accents – some Americans, someone from Ireland, New Zealand, Israel (our loquacious roommate),  etc. We met a cute Japanese couple and a retired Irish man in taxis.

– Visited Chiang Mai University. It was a long, sweaty walk and we craved nothing but ice cream. Sure enough, we found a “milk stand” that served soft served cones for 13 Baht (around 30 cents). It was quite refreshing. We visited the small art gallery and popped our heads around campus life. It wasn’t really popping but it was cool nonetheless.

– We tried going to an orphanage in Chiang Mai. Upon arrival, they turned us away because the children were getting treatments. I was bummed out, but hopefully we can volunteer in Bangkok or Korea.  I am curious about the living conditions at the orphanages.

I know I’m forgetting a mess of things but I have every detail written in my journal. I will consult it later.

This morning, we woke up early and cleaned our room.  We hung out with our hostel roommates until we got picked up to go to Pai. It was sad to say goodbye. I can’t believe it has only been a week but I felt like home there. It is an interesting lifestyle – the staff are used to people constantly coming and going. They don’t travel much but having the world come to them is an interesting perspective.

We took a 3 hour minivan to Pai this afternoon for around $5. We shared the van with a Dutch couple. They are incredibly smiley, smart, and adorable. We walked to a hostel and decided to stay at the first one – Mr. Jan for $3 a night for a 2-bedroom and private bathroom dorm. Our room is tucked behind beautiful gardens and we take a little path to our room. Bugs and gigantic lizards and ubiquitous  but I don’t seem to mind them so far (surprise!).

We are at a little cafe with a lot of Hebrew writing with Internet in the “chill out” zone upstairs. We need to leave now because it’s closing ,but more updates some time! Promise.


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