We have some down time now. We are waiting for our friends to get back from lunch and we are going to go to the Chiang Mai University Art Gallery. It would be fun to see what campus life is like here. Speaking of college students, Beca and I went to a local bar. We were the only foreigners and people were staring at us. It was very cool though. I wish we had something like that here. We ordered one drink and sat around and chatted outside next to an empty stage and a plethora of pandas spray painted on the wall. We had to pee, so we went inside where it was unexpectedly raging of strobe lights, colors, and a dozen disco balls. Everyone looked so cute. The girls room felt like a typical girls room with everyone fixing their hair and make up. There was a live local band playing and everyone seemed to love the crap out of the songs. They were dancing and singing along. Being that it was Monday and the show was free, we thought this was a local band playing some Thai covers of some popular Thai music. The girls were dancing with the girls and the boys were dancing with the boys. It was interesting. Everyone was there to have a good time and didn’t have an agenda like I see at most places back home. It was refreshing. It was the consensus to split a bottle of whisky between a few friends. They are so serious!

It was raining heavily, something that we should expect given that it’s the wet season here. Our umbrella saved us from a stray dog nearing us. It was a good night.


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