I guess I’m not as good as updating this as I thought I would be. I’m writing plenty of notes in my journal (the one that Brecken gave me for Christmas!). I’ll write some bullet points.

First day:

Flight to NYC

Stayed at Steph’s place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the predominately young progressive fancy-dressing art kids and some Hasidic Jews.

Met up with Maeva, Ariana, and went to Juan’s cute place in Greenpoint, the predominately Polish neighborhood.

Had some fun times in Brooklyn and Manhattan. We rode the subway all around to get us to and from JFK. Our feet were not liking us the next day!

Flew to Ukraine for 10 hours. Didn’t sleep at all. It wasn’t pleasant. The Kiev airport sucked and I never want to go there again.

Flew to Bangkok for 8 hours and slept the entire flight. Got to the Bangkok airport at 4am their time. Our bodies were a little messed up. Everyone was incredibly nice and helpful.

Flew to Chiang Mai for 1 hour on a really nice flight with Airasia. The flight was packed with attractive Thai people and they were all really quiet. The flight attendants were gorgeous and adorable! I got a good impression of Thailand from those first few hours.

We got into Chiang Mai around 7am or so. We took a taxi to SpicyThai Backpackers, our hostel. We checked into our 4-bed female dorm and so far, Beca and I have been the only inhabitants. It’s nice having the room to ourselves!

Beca and I walked around a lot to discover this city which has so much to offer.

– Got Thai foot massages for $6/hour. Really cute ladies. Thai massage places are ubiquitous

– Took many rides in these red taxis for 20 baht (less than $1) each time. They are everywhere and they honk at foreigners when you are walking.

– Went to the night bazaar before it was night. Beca bargained for a pair of fake Ray Bans.

– We got lost on the way back. The taxi drivers and us couldn’t communicate well. We did some fun things on the way back. We were tired from the flights and frustrated and drenched in sweat so it wasn’t the most fun.

– Went to a beautiful Buddhist temple and heard some ceremony going on.

– Saw a big crowd. We climbed on these bleachers and watched the crowd of skater boys doing kick flips with loud music and narration in Thai. They were terrible but it was fun

– Went to Dr. Fish and got our dead skin off of our feet eaten while drinking a Chang Beer and watching the world cup. It was weird at first and I freaked out, but after a while I calmed down and got used to it. It feels like a lot of vibrations all over your feet.

– Got noodle soup off the street. It was spicy and an absolutely DELICIOUS meal for less than $1.

– Met a bunch of cool people at the hostel. Most people are either from America or England. All of them have been traveling for months and have months of more traveling ahead of them. We have gotten great tips and insight as to the rest of our travels. It makes me wish I could travel for longer and could go to the rest of SE Asia like Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, and Laos. I am getting greedy!

The next day, we had complimentary breakfast at the hostel. We met a Polish traveler from Germany who has been traveling all around SE Asia for a while.

We talked to an employee of SpicyThai, a native Thai who majored is tourism. He was extremely nice and helpful. He told us a lot about the real Thailand and how much the country depends on tourists like us.

Peter invited us to go to the mountains and Beca and I immediately agreed. We walked 1.5 hours to the Huay Kaew National Park and climbed some rocks to a waterfall. It was pretty high up and slippery, but we managed to work our way to the top of the waterfall and had a refreshing shower. It was an incredible experience. We also met some travelers from England there.

We climbed some more and got to a point where we could see the Chiang Mai skyline with silhouettes of mountains behind it. It was a beautiful sight and I took plenty of pictures!

We climbed up some more and found a guy selling ice cream. We got coconut ice cream for 10 baht (around 33 cents). It was indeed refreshing.

– On the way home, we stopped for some more noodles! These were even spicier. We walked to a supermarket as well. It was in the basement of this weird mall. We got some goodies to make cheap dinner. Yes, that includes noodles and tofu!

– Did some laundry and relaxed for a while.

– A lot of people from the hostel went to the Sunday night market. We drove in the back of the hostel-owned taxi.

– The night bazaar was endless. It is easy to get lost from your friends and we learned the hard way.

– I got flip flops for really cheap because I lost mine in NY. There were so many other cute things that I wanted really badly but I didn’t want to fill my backpack even more.

– We got yummy smoothies for 20 Baht. Beca encouraged me to get this thing that looked like tofu on a stick. It looked really good. I took a bite and didn’t know what it was. Beca took a bite and spit it out yelling that it was chicken. It was disgusting because it looked exactly like tofu. Chicken should not look like that!

– There were a lot of little street performers but it was hard to watch for too long because the traffic of shoppers were always moving slowly.

– We got back and hung out and chatted with people and watched Snakes on a Plane. Just hilarious.

It’s Monday morning now. I have little sense of time. I never check my watch and there’s never anywhere we have to be. I am not used to this lifestyle at all but I am quickly adjusting. It’s nice to not be rushed and overwhelmed all of the time to do things I don’t really want to do.

In conclusion

Everyone here is so nice and happy and smiley. A lot of people know English. Everything is so cheap even though they sometimes make things priced higher since we are foreigners. The traffic is crazy and driving is scary. I am getting used to the left side of the road thing. Most people ride those little motor scooters. I haven’t gotten mistaken for Thai at all yet. It is always hot and I am always sweating but it’s whatever. I love it here and I already have the travel bug because I’m thinking about the next trip. I am learning a lot about the ways of the Thai people and I just really like the way they are.

More later!


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  1. Daryl says:

    Awesome update! From what I gather, the Ukraine is not a fun place to visit. I’ll make note of this for future reference, but 6 dollar Thai massages sounds AMAZING! Thailand reminds me of the Philippines; lots of smiles, cheap food, humid temperatures and crazy traffic. Glad you and Beca are having a great time! Stay safe!

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