Asia Plans

I am quite the planner, but I am trying to make sure we have a very loose schedule so that things happen the way that they should happen. I have learned that things never go as planned, but the things that do happen was always better than the plan.

Right now, we are set to fly to New York on June 16 at 11:30am. We will meet up with friends, spend a night and two days in the city, and fly to Ukraine the evening of the 17th. We will stay in that airport for an hour or so before flying to Bangkok. There will probably be delays and whatnot. We will stay for a night in Bangkok, try not to get tear gassed or killed by riots, and then take a train to Chiang Mai. We want to spend quite some time in the cool, northern city. We heard nothing but great things about Chiang Mai. We will eventually work our way to Cambodia (maybe even fly due to time constraints), hang around there, take a train through Thailand, stop at some beaches and cities along the way, and eventually work our way back to Bangkok right before our next flight takes off. We don’t know when we are leaving Thailand, but we are thinking that three weeks after we arrive will be good. We will then fly to Tokyo and spend about two weeks in Japan. We will either take a ferry or fly to Busan, South Korea. We will work our way north (not TOO north so that we are in North Korea), stop at temples, national parks, etc., and eventually end up in Seoul. I need to check into the Lotte Hotel by August 1. I will spend a week at that hotel for the IKAA Gathering. I will check into KoRoot (hostel/dorms for adoptees) on August 8. I will explore Seoul on my own and try to do some observations at orphanages. I will eventually fly back to Jacksonville on August 11.

Phew. Let’s see what happens!


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